sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

puzzle swap


1-Metroid: Other M 5x3
2-Mario and Bowser 5x3
3-Super Mario Galaxy 2 5x3
4-The Legend of Zelda 5x3
5-Kirby's Dream Land 5x3
6-Pikmin 5x3
7-New Super Mario Bros. Wii 5x3

December 2011 Update

1-Ocarina of Time 3D 6x4
2-Star Fox 64 3D 6x4
3-Super Mario 3D Land 8x5
4-Mario Kart 7 8x5
5-Rhythm Heaven Fever 6x4
6-Donkey Kong Country Returns 6x4
7-Pilotwings: Resort 6x4

February 2012 Update
Kid Icarus: Uprising 8x5

April 2012 Update
Mario Tennis Open 8x5

July 2012 Update
Kirby's 20th Aniversary 8x5

August 2012 Update
New Super Mario Bros. 2 8x5